A. No, you don’t need to change your switchboard. Our blocks unit is compatible with all your existing switchboards
A.For sure. All your existing physical switches will work as they were working before.cription
A. Yeah, you need a working internet connection all the time to control your blocks unit from your phone.
A. For sure, you just need a working internet connection and you are good to go.
A. No , not at all. We will just install our device behind your switchboard
A. Each block unit has an assigned device id with it. When you buy our device, we will provide you with the device id. All you have to do is to give that device id to anyone you want to share your room control with.
A. For the first year your maintenance and servicing everything will be free and also you will be able to enjoy all software and hardware upgrades free of cost.
A. We are providing one year complete warranty. If there will be any fault in your device we will get it replaced whatsoever.