20 Smart Things You Can Do if Your Home Is A Smart Home

Let’s see what 20 things you can do in your SMART HOME

  1. Turn your lights, AC, Geyser on/off from anywhere in the world.
  2. Get notified when someone controls your appliances.
  3. One button to turn on your complete home lighting!!!
  4. Change Tv Channels or Volume  from your mobile.
  5. Control your complete home with just your VOICE!
  6. Put multiple Schedules on your appliances.
  7. Turn on sprinklers from anywhere to keep your grass green!
  8. Turn on your lights with just MOTION!!!
  9. Get Smart Reminders if your AC is running continuously for 4 hours.
  10. Share your home control with your guests.
  11. Unlock your door to let your loved ones in your home even when you are not home
  12. Get notified or get Ringer if someones intrudes your home while you are away.
  13. Save on electricity bills!
  14. Get complete timeline of activity on your phone.
  15. Remotely check your home lighting.
  16. Not to worry about overflowing overhead water tanks.
  17. Set ambient light levels with dimming control.
  18. With the touch of an “All Off” button, all of the lights in your entire home turn off.
  19. Listen to any music you love with just your voice commands.
  20. Create a “Party” scene – create perfect lighting with just your voice command which illuminates key decorative elements and a customized playlist that starts up automatically.

All this can be done by Cloudblocks Home Automation products!! Do contact us to know these features in detail.

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