What is Carbon Footprint ? How to lower it ?

Carbon footprints are the amount of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere because of activity of some individual, company or any other organisation.

Increase in Carbon Footprints results in increase in temperature of earth which means it contributes to Global Warming.

In this article, I will talk specifically about how much your everyday Air Conditioner is contributing to Carbon Footprints and what small step you can take to lower it!!!!

Remember friends even a small contribution from your side would go a long way!

Demand of Air Conditioners are on all time high, in 1 century, average temperature of earth has increased by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

When you turn on Ac, it requires more electricity units which means more Carbon footprints(if that is thermal electricity) and which in turn means that earth will become more heated up, so that again implies more Air Conditioners to cool it down!!! Its a TRAPPPP!!!!


Lets dig a little deeper!!

According to research by CNCF, 1KWH of electricity when produced (from coal burning power plant), will generate 0.94kg of CO2 emissions to atmosphere

So, if we talk about your Home Air Conditioner (1.5 ton) running for 1 hour will produce 1.5 unit or 1.5 KWH of  power.

So by that means 1 hour of Ac running will produce 0.94X1.5 = 1.41 kg of carbon

If suppose you run Ac for 8 hours in a day and say for 6 months in a year then it comes to 67.68 kgs per year from AC. This number will become huge if you consider number of Acs installed globally and it is simply increasing the Number of Carbon Footprints.

Here are the small steps that can be done to reduce AC usage and reducing carbon footprints as whole

  1. Changing Air Filters regularly is a must
  2. Try to set temperature just 2 degrees more than you would usually do.
  3. Buy ENERGY STAR appliances
  4. Consider putting timers on Acs
  5. We at Cloudblocks Home Automation take this our mission to reduce carbon footprints from the face of earth. We have a module called Blocks Power, which can be connected to any Ac, and then you can remotely from anywhere turn off your Ac. Also you can put unlimited schedules on turning off or on AC at specific times. Also you get reminders if your Ac is running continuously ON for very long time!
  6. We are also building an advanced product which will decrease your AC consumption to as low as 30% through AI and machine learning

We at Cloudblocks believe in this mission and would request everyone to join hands with us to reduce carbon footprints at a global level.


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