What is Carbon Footprint ? How to lower it ?

Carbon footprints are the amount of carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere because of activity of some individual, company or any other organisation.

Increase in Carbon Footprints results in increase in temperature of earth which means it contributes to Global Warming.

In this article, I will talk specifically about how much your everyday Air Conditioner is contributing to Carbon Footprints and what small step you can take to lower it!!!!

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Home Automation for Elderly & Differently Abled

For the differently abled, smart homes are home sweet home

For us it may be a thing of luxury but for elderly it is really empowering, making them more independent.

Someone on wheelchair,where even though the switches can be built lower than usual to accommodate them they still have to rely on someone else to turn the lights on/off.

Solution to this is internet connected device which goes behind their switchboard and from your mobile itself you can turn your lights on/off.

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