Gifts to avoid on valentines

Gifts  to avoid on valentines

So love is around the corner, literally. It’s that time of the year when you are all sweaty and tensed thinking about what to gift your better half on the Valentine’s Day. And then some terrible idea pops up in your idea and you just go with it just because you don’t want to go empty handed. But, to your surprise just when you are about to gift your better half with the present you realise that you should not have gone for this but now it’s too late. So this valentine’s day we present you a list of avoidable presents.



Don’t ever gift flowers on Valentine’s Day. I mean there is nothing wrong with flowers but they are not the ideal gift that your valentine would remember for a very long time. They are good for meeting and greeting someone but bringing the flowers as the gift is a terrible idea.

Stuffed toys



Are you even serious about this? This might be the question that pops up in your partner’s head after seeing a stuffed toy. Stuffed toys are kindergarten things. Grow up, take responsibility and find something that is really beautiful. After all this is for your special someone.


As it is with the flowers the same is the scenario with the chocolates. Yes, your other half might love (well who doesn’t?) but that doesn’t means that you just go to a fancy shop and come out with a basket of chocolates for your beloved. Try a little harder and go past that chocolate level.

Gift baskets


Gift baskets although look exquisite but are shallow. I am not speaking figuratively instead the message I was trying to convey to you was that pre packaged gift baskets do not capture the essence of your relationship and shows that you are shying away to put some real efforts for the gift.


So this was your guide to what not to gift on this valentine. Now you must be even more confused about what to gift this valentine? Well, I will tell you the secret. It is ‘safety and comfort’. Surprise your precious Valentine with ‘Home Automation’ products that blends into their life seamlessly and also shows them that how important they are to you. Cloudblocks home automation products will help  your partner control their appliances from anywhere in the world and ensure 360 Degree safety and peace of mind all the time, so let this valentine be not only a memorable one for them but also a safe and secure one!

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