Home Automation for Elderly & Differently Abled

For the differently abled, smart homes are home sweet home

For us it may be a thing of luxury but for elderly it is really empowering, making them more independent.

Someone on wheelchair,where even though the switches can be built lower than usual to accommodate them they still have to rely on someone else to turn the lights on/off.

Solution to this is internet connected device which goes behind their switchboard and from your mobile itself you can turn your lights on/off.

An elderly woman who has trouble bending can use her smartphone to turn a floor fan on and off. A blind person could use a voice activated TV guide to change channels.

Imagine someone elderly or differently abled in a smart home. A bell rings, they just need to check their smartphones, with a press of a button the gate is opened and they can let their loved ones in.

They are sleeping at night, motion sensors turns on and all their loved ones are notified that someone is intruding in home, immediate actions can be taken.

Room adjusts its temperature automatically to give them a sound sleep.

In the morning automatically their curtains will open up and morning prayers can be turned on to give them a sense of a peaceful environment. Their home will take care of them .

Through a phone or tablet, they will be able to switch on lights, open and close blinds, lock or unlock security system, and manage their stereo system. To you and me, this might seem very trivial, but for an individual who struggles to move around and can’t reach high or low places easily, these simple features are seriously important for independence and basic comfort.

But the problem is that these home automation system are really costly and not reliable due to bad internet connections especially in India, but we at Cloudblocks Home Automation care for people, we love to give it back to society. We are offering very reliable and reasonable Home Automation System in India which will be a boon to differently abled and elderly people.

We will be running a campaign soon to help those people who really need these devices.


This Blog was originally written by us on Medium on Sep 10, 2017. Here’s the link  https://medium.com/@cloudblocks/home-automation-for-elderly-differently-abled-96a0624a902c

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