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  • Fully Automatic 3 Level Water Indicator with Dry Run Protection
  • Very User Friendly
  • Avoids Wastage of Water and Save Electricity and Time.
  • Suitable For Any H.P. Single or Three Phase Motors.




  • When water level in the overhead tank is reduced to the set level (middle),the pump is
    Operated automatically and stopped when water is filled (upper level).
  • When water level in lower tank drops to the set level (Lower). The pump is stopped
    automatically and gets started when water is refilled (middle level).
  • In case of dry run due to impeller block, air lock, pipe and foot valve blocks, delivery pipe
    leakage etc. pump gets stopped automatically. This is monitored by probe fixed at the end
    of the delivery pipe.(win)
  • Various levels of water in both tanks are indicated brightly by colour LED lamps.
  • Scientifically designed ‘Stainless steel probes’ send accurate signals to the level
    controller to ensure uninterrupted water supply.
  • Override switch provides to operate motor manually in between level lower to middle
    level in underground tank & middle to top level in overhead tank.
  • After motor started by override switch motor stops automatically after low level in
    underground tank & at high level in overhead tank.
  • Electrical Manual switch provided to operate motor manually after failure of instrument
    in emergency to start motor.
Blocks Unit
Slot load880 watts @ 220V
Total load1500 watts @ 220V
Operational frequency2.4GHz ISM
Wifi securityWEP, WPA, and WPA2
Wifi range(meters)80m - 100m in LOS and 30m - 50m indoor
Operational range110V – 290V
ColorRoyal Black
Enclosure MaterialAcrylic
Dimension(mm)79(l) x 40(b) x 30(h)
Power consumption(max.)3 watts
ProtectionSurge protection
Warranty1 Year

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