Motion Sensor

  • Notifies you on your phone about intrusion
  • Battery operated completely retrofit wireless solution
  • Trigger your room appliance as you walk into your room.
  • Smartphone Operated
  • Compact Design



Our highly advanced motion sensor is capable of  sending you an alert notification or a ringer on your phone every time a motion is detected in the ALERT mode.

It keeps you aware of a potential threat.

Apart from using them as security devices, these motion sensors can also be used as a lighting solution as they will automatically turn on your lights, Ac or any other appliances that you define whenever they detect motion.



  • Get Alert as a notification or a ringer whenever there is a motion in your house.
  • Watch over your valuables and be at peace
  • Get Intrusion Alert Ringer Call when you are not at home and a motion is detected at your home.
  • Trigger your Room Light, Fan, Ac or any other appliance as you walk into your room.
  • Battery Operated complete wireless solution, keep it wherever needed.
  • PIR motion sensor works on low power consumption RF technology.
  • 1 year replacement guarantee.
  • Free Cloudblocks App for Android and iOS.


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