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Save Big With SMART HOMES !!


Home Automation is also known as smart home or smart houses. The home automation system helps to control your home appliances like lights, fans, AC, water motor, climate, TVs and many more.  A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central hub or “gateway”.

According to Li et al. 2016, there are three generations of home automation which helps to make your life easy and faster:

  • 1st Generation: wireless technology with the proxy server, e.g. ZigBee automation.
  • 2nd Generation: artificial intelligence controls electrical devices, e.g. Amazon Echo.
  • 3rd Generation: robot buddy who interacts with humans, e.g. Robot Rovio, Roomba.

You can also control music lights and musical instruments according to your timings. “Party mode” plays a song on all speakers of the house simultaneously, including the outdoor speakers by the Pool. The lights are romantically dimmed in the sitting area, shining festive bright in the eating area and flashing cheerfully in the dancing area of the house.

How to Save Electricity Bills?

  • If you are at work and have forgotten to switch off your home AC, you can control your AC from anywhere in the world with the help of your Smartphone with just a click.
  • You can also dim the lights according to your needs which also help to save electricity and reduce the electricity bill.
  • Save your electricity bill, as well as water bill with the help of the Autocut 3 level water indicator device which helps you automatically switch on/off your water motor according to the requirement.
  • You can put Schedule and timer on your appliances to turn them automatic turns on/off.

I hope you can understand how to reduce electricity bills and save your money with the help of home automation devices by Cloudblocks. Cloudblocks is a home automation company dealing with all the product of home automation which helps you to live tension free life and helps to save the spare money that you pay on electricity bills.

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